Carlo bimbi

Carlo began his career in the italian design world in the seventies moving masterfully between logic and creativity.
His intelligent passion has taken him from collaborating with nizzoli associati to the establishment with gianni ferrara and nilo gioacchini of the internotredici firm, with which he was among the protagonists of the exhibition italy: the new domestic landscape at the moma in new york. Over the years carlo has designed and continues to design for leading italian brands and has won prestigious awards such as the roscoe-awards, blitz, red dot and if award.
He has taught design at the institute of art and the i.s.i.a. In florence besides lecturing in the industrial design degree course of the faculty of architecture of that same city.
Being the incurable enthusiast he is, a few years ago carlo began working as a consultant for the borzalino brand, alongside matteo, to create a line of new products for the international luxury market. His experience is shared with the whole team for which he is an authoritative figure of reference.