Certificate of AUTHENTICITY

BORZALINO is a brand of EUROSTILE Srl which guarantees the authenticity of all the products and of the fine, exclusive materials used to manufacture the same. It relies on the long experience of expert craftsmen, giving the product the value of an exclusive object.


WARRANTY certificate

Independently from, and in addition to, the legal provisions in force regarding product warranty, EUROSTILE srl guarantees the structures of its collection of upholstered furniture, including sofas, armchairs and chairs, for 7 years from the invoice date, and the upholstery for 3 years.

The coverings, in leather and fabric and accessories are guaranteed for 24 months. The warranty does not cover any fabrics and leather supplied by the Customer.
For dining tables, small tables and bookcases, the warranty is valid for 2 years.

The warranty covers original production defects in the product and includes the free replacement or repair of any parts checked and acknowledged as faulty by EUROSTILE Srl or other parties appointed by the same.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, inappropriate treatment or use, accidental breakage, inappropriate cleaning, the use of chemical products, over-exposure to sources of light and heat or caused by force majeure.
EUROSTILE Srl can under no circumstances be held liable for special, accidental, indirect or consequential damages caused to individuals. Additionally, the warranty does not cover faults which cannot be attributed to EUROSTILE Srl such as, for example, those caused by assembling the product incorrectly or not in compliance with the instructions provided.
The warranty will not be valid if the products are assembled, modified or repaired by third parties who have not been authorised by EUROSTILE Srl.

Leather is a natural product which, even after processing, preserves some of its original characteristics, without altering its strength, durability or quality: insect stings and bites, small, well-scarred wounds, signs of scratches, wrinkles and a difference in “grain”, are all features which must be classed and considered as characteristics and not flaws.

The natural adjustment of the upholstery must not be considered a defect. Cushions naturally become softer as they are used and this must not be confused with a loss of elasticity. Some upholstered models look soft and not too sturdy as the result of a precise stylistic choice and require the use of soft upholstery to give the finished product its informal appearance. This cannot be considered a defect and must be seen as a characteristic.

Wood is a living material and therefore any small movements caused by variations in temperature and humidity levels are absolutely natural and must be seen as characteristic of the product.

Marble is derived from compact carbonate rocks and can be used to produce refined, elegant surfaces, characterised by veins and colour effects that are unique in each slab. These qualities give marble products their intrinsic great prestige and uniqueness and must be seen as characteristics of the product.

Any interventions carried out under warranty do not suspend the validity of the latter. To exercise his or her rights as conferred by the warranty, the Customer must present the “Warranty Certificate” and the invoice for the purchase to EUROSTILE Srl, so we recommend that these be stored in a safe place for the entire period of validity of the warranty.