Under the tuscan sun


The identity

the identity


The identity of each of us is strongly linked to the territory where we were born and raised, to its geography of knowledge and its history.
In this sense, Tuscany is a unique region in the world thanks to the coexistence of many artisan excellences ranging from furniture to fashion, from food and wine to IT, and linked by an entrepreneurial philosophy where aesthetics and ethics go hand in hand.
For our part, in Tuscany we continue to produce all of our furnishings and accessories: excellence here is quality without compromise.

SINCE 1976

Our story begins in 1976, in the footsteps of the great artisan tradition that for centuries has made Tuscany great in the production of furniture and accessories.

The immense wealth of knowledge and experience of the founder, Galeazzo Fedi, is now in the hands of our heirs, Cristiana Fedi and Matteo Pieri, respectively the second and third generation at the helm of the company.

Together with knowledge and know-how, we have kept alive through the generations a very strong motivation to quality. The values of the artisan tradition are so deep and vital at Borzalino that they are reflected in every aspect of our work: in the care for construction details, in the very high standards at every stage of production, in the passion for a job well done.

We are also convinced that working well is not enough, but must be supported by professionalism, seriousness and respect towards those who work with us, be they customers, suppliers or our community.

At the basis of the authenticity of Borzalino’s Made in Italy, there is respect for ingenuity and human work. For this reason, we have never loved to linger too long in the glorification of the past. Solid in our guiding principles, we tell a story of continuous innovation in every field: technology, design, materials research and communication.

The team




Cristiana is the guide and the essence of Borzalino. Firmness, courage and passion are her characteristic features, together with a superfine ability to act at the right time.

After a life spent next to her father, Cristiana today holds the helm of Borzalino with strength and elegance, thanks to the deep knowledge of her world: from raw materials to production systems, from the management of relationships established with customers in dozens of countries around the world to the necessary sensitivity in daily networking.

She finds important to enhance every day the connections with all parts of the family: the expert craftsmen who have always worked in the company’s production laboratories, the employees who have been close for decades, the commercial partners.

Her motto? “Things have to be well done. And done righteously “.


Co-Managing Director / Head of design & Communication


Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and mother, Matteo loved to spend hours in the company’s laboratories since he was a child, to understand their secrets and gain experience.

Today, Matteo is a designer who knows the artisan hands, a virtuoso of wonder that senses what is needed to transform technical drawings into magnificent products.

The natural and family environment that surrounded him, together with the presence in the company of great designers such as Carlo Bimbi, have nourished Matteo’s sensitivity. Today, research, invention and creation are his daily bread.

The desire and curiosity are his engine: he is always training, both in the work and human aspects, in order to be able to give everything he has for the evolution of the company.

For Matteo, “Furniture is a projection of being”.




Visual communication is the universe of Catia, Borzalino creative director for the brand and product concept.

Refinement, balance, dialogue are her mantras in the path towards the best possible expression of the deep and embracing identity of this great artisan reality.

Personal and professional life – for those who love in such a profound and complete way what is also the object of their work – are not two entities that are so distinct. That is why everything happens in her 60 square meters: work, dream, share, love, never getting bored.

For Catia, creativity must be constantly stimulated by the presence of limits and obstacles: this is how the muscles of design are trained. In a lazy person, tsunamis are not created. Feelings trample in living bodies.

She says about herself: “Tucking in comfortable adverbs of time as forever and never is not for me”.




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Leather is a strong point at Borzalino. First of all, thanks to the experience of our artisans in upholstering seats, sofas and armchairs, produced in-house with manual techniques of extreme precision and refinement. Secondly, but not least, since the Tuscan leather district has excelled in the production of raw material for centuries and this allows us to buy locally from expert manufacturers.

Every year, we focus on the research and selection of the best leathers and novelties on the market, with finishes ranging from classic to vintage to opaque, aiming to satisfy every need of those looking for a tailor-made product. A unique collection, which highlights the finesse of the items, creating added value.

From aniline to full grain, from buffered leathers to vegetable dyes, Borzalino’s coatings are the perfect complement to the meticulous processing of the structures, providing different identities for the tastes and lifestyle of each customer.

Leather is tradition, emotion and manual dexterity. The quality of our leathers is guaranteed by technical specifications and performing tests in compliance with the EN ISO standards on colour fastness, scratches and rubbing, resistance to light and wear.

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Materials selection

Caring is our choice. Naturalness is the outcome.