Design Luca Roccadadria /2021

The Bisbee table consists of a glass top with a soft shape, suspended in the air from a single side base, made with a curved metal sheet. The detailed study of its technical parts has allowed the designer Luca Roccadadria to create an object with a strong and recognizable identity.
Bisbee is a tribute to industrial chic taste. Robust and almost crude at first visual impact, it actually presents an open and light structure, which does not clutter but defines the space, in both functional and aesthetic terms. Flexible and high-contrast, Bisbee is light and shadow, fine workmanship and raw material, modernity and naturalness.

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“I design by observing, I begin from sensations. Everything stems from a personal attitude to observe, I observe nature in all its shapes and lines, I try to guess infinite creative possibilities”.

Luca Roccadadria

technical description




curved metal.