Corporate coworking, Lucerne (CH)

Corporations, but also service companies, consultancy firms, banking and insurance institutions, allow long periods of smart working or even encourage them. Thus, was born the idea of ​​building a space for employees who have this possibility right in the centre of Switzerland and close to one of its major cultural and economic hubs.

Located in the Canton of Lucerne, these workspaces open out to some of the most memorable Alpine panoramas and offer not only the chance to observe the surrounding nature, but also to experience it in your free hours.

Our interior project for this coworking was based precisely on enhancing the very concept of smart working in the mountains, which must be functional and comfortable.

Minimal and ergonomic workstations with lots of warm and natural light, meeting and conference rooms that offer the possibility of dialogue, but also of letting the mind work.

Our affinity with natural materials – stone, solid wood, glass – has made it easier for us to bring Nature itself inside the building and compose interiors that relax the spirit and body, increasing serenity and therefore productivity.

Year: 2024
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Interior design: Borzalino
Supply of standard products: BOB, NEIL and JOE OFFICE CHAIRS, REGINA CHAIR, B130 and B140 tables, KRIS bookcase.
Supply of custom products: BISBEE double base table.
Supply of bespoke products: desks.

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