In Bologna from 13 to 15 May, an unmissable event for art operators and community

From 13 to 15 May, BORZALINO furnishings will be protagonists of Vip Lounge area at Arte Fiera, the longest-running Italian art fair, founded in 1974 and based in Bologna.

Proud to be alongside the creative wallpapers company Baboon and to have the luminous support of a brand like Artemide, BORZALINO will present its most suitable elements for luxurious, modern and welcoming public contexts.

Arte Fiera guests will be able to relax on iconic Harmony chairs, with their New Déco lines and elongated ends, enjoy Sean armchairs and Minerva bench, elegant structures with a Scandinavian appeal, and try out Shifu modular sofa, part of the 2022 collection and out in public for the very first time.

There will also be poufs and tables signed BORZALINO, all distributed in four relax areas, comfortable and spaced to ensure more privacy.

Craftsmanship is central to BORZALINO concept: a precise vocation of this company, which still maintains the creative and production centre in its historic laboratory in Pistoia, Tuscany.

BORZALINO chooses to combine ethics and aesthetics, using natural materials and a short supply chain: leathers, woods, stones, metals are handcrafted by local artisans.

Among all the refined upholsteries and finishes presented through the furnishing of Arte Fiera Vip lounge, Waterfall leather will certainly be a prominent element, especially in terms of public space design.

Waterfall is one of the many vegetable-dyed leathers in BORZALINO collection, but it stands out for a specific peculiarity:  it is a water-repellent leather. Perfect in “accident risk” environments, this upholstery repels liquids, but still it is dyed with tannins extracted from plants, so to remain completely natural, hypoallergenic and biodegradable.

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